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Deathwatch Campaign: "Calgar's Lament"

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Hey /tg/, tried this last night with nightmarish results due to a few poorly chosen words by yours truly, but what the hell, I figure it's worth another shot. I've been working on a Deathwatch campaign on and off for the past couple months and have recently given thought to turning it into a full-fledged .pdf for other elegan/tg/entlemen to use at their discretion.

It is very much a new player's campaign, with lots and lots of exposition before the action kicks in so that players that are unfamiliar with the setting can familiarize themselves and get comfortable. Some of you may recognize certain portions of this, as I've come to /tg/ for advice in the past as to how to proceed with the creation of the campaign.

Dump will begin in the next post. If you're interested, please say so, otherwise I'll probably stop dumping after a couple pages or so. Thanks.