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"Special" races

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I don't like it when I recruit players and they want to play things like half-celestials.

I never outright say no, but I try and make them justify why they have celestial blood. When it comes to the Core Races (we play Pathfinder, no 3.5.) anybody can be anything, but it irks me when they want to play them just for the sole purpose of getting wings. At that point It's probably just player aesthetics. One of the few exceptions when I say, go right ahead, if works with their class as well as their background. For example, a Half-Celestial Sorcerer with the celestial bloodline, go right fucking ahead. Arcane bloodline? "Ehh.. justify that for me".

I have the same problem with bugbears, goblin and hobgoblin, demon, devil, and other monster races too.

I do however say that tieflings are abundant enough in the setting that they can go right ahead. Especially if they're Chelaxian.

How about you guys?