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You see this badass motherfucker on the left of the text? That's Ciaphas Cain, motherfucking Hero of Imperium.

This guy is the Blackadder of the Imperial guard. He is a goddamn cunning commissar who accidentally fights hundreds of soldiers with Jurgen.

He was literally raised on a Hive world. A fucking huge ass Hive world with underground cities. He can maneuver around tunnels like nobody else.

He is made of pure awesomesauce. He drinks tea. He slays orks and eldar with a chainsword. He kicked space Hitler's ass. HE CAN KILL YOU WITH HIS BARE HANDS.

He's one of the only commissar who doesn't execute his troops. Why? Because Cain knows that if he acts kind towards the guardsmen, they'll fight for him to the death.

So allow me to ask you this...why the FUCK do some people consider mary sues like Commissar Gaunt cooler than this guy?