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Operation Chronocide

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Well fuck me, big spider things and Grey Knights and shitloads of other awesome stuff on the radar.
I swear I have never lost my will to work on an army this fast before. Just a few days ago I was all for getting my Black Templars back on track and now BOOM. Troop GK Terminators.
So yeah, to remedy that, let's try something a bit more silly and a lot more pointless that will hopefully show me that yes, making Black Templars is the better idea even if the Grey Knights will make a comeback soon.

I will make one model for every faction of 40k, and depending on what you chaps vote on, either make them nice little individual display pieces or construct a single bigass diorama out of all of them.
-Everyone gets to throw around ideas and vote on them. I'll make the ones that get the most votes.
-Name a faction, model/unit, wargear and pose.
-Vehicles are acceptable
-Only one model from each faction. All Space Marines count as a single faction.

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