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Because the last thread ended up in a shitfest over some fanwank character, I am goin to repost this.

>Be a kabalite warrior.
>Do drugs that would fry the brains of humans from the bare ass cheeks of soritas slave.
>Go on raids and slaughter mon keigh scum, just for the pleasure.
>Even if somehow you manage to get yourself killed, your kabalite bros only need to bring back a litle bit of your flesh, for you to be regrown by the haemoculi.
>After the raid, sell slaves, have crazy sex with biches, torture slaves, just for shit and gigles.
>Go to wach arena maches, where half naked wyches fight gladitorial battles agains all kinds of things.
>Fap furiously when Lelith Hesperax gets on the stage.
>Go to parties in the high spires of Commoragh, and wach from the alcoves the rotting slave scum that festers in the undercity being harassed by reaver and helion gangs.
>Go home
>Do drugs that cause your eyes to bleed and skin to burn.
>Wake up, when your mate calls you.
>"Hey faggot! It's raid night tomorrow, are you coming?"
>Living the dream.

Let the craftworld eldar rot in their angst and self pity about the whole looming extinction thing, while we just clone ourself and continue partying like it's c.M20!

Dark eldar general.