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That Guy Thread? That Guy Thread.

Our That Guy's list of annoyances:

1. Constantly talking over DM
2. Constantly breaking mood DM is trying to set
3. Loses interest when it's not his turn
4. Often texts during the time he's not talking but needs to be listening or even when it's his turn
5. Can't keep track of how his character should act, for instance he willingly approaches vampire spawn and asks if they're ok without a hint of fear but when faced with a dragon-wrought kobold his character refuses to fight and just watches
6. Can't take IC criticism of his character's actions and must always argue as if he's out of character instead of coming up with decent in-game defences or rebuttals
7. Can't tell the difference between IC and OOC as he's never paying attention, the more serious role player of our group's character got frustrated and started shouting at him, he then started asking why he was being shouted at and that he hadn't spoken over the DM for a while now
8. Never listens to other characters when they ask him not to do something
9. Asked me to make my character not made at his so he could keep doing what was pissing my character off