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Hello /tg/, I would like to ask for assistance on a chaos daemons army for 40k. I understand that with the deep striking rules I get absolutely no benefits, and that playing Chaos Daemons is basically going to be pretty chance driven compared to other armies. However, I wished to play something different from what we've got in the friendly 40k group now, and I chose these delightful daemons.

Current units I've got that can be used for daemons are a great unclean one, a blight drone, a daemon prince, bloodletters and bloodcrushers. I'd get some plaguebearers since I really like Nurgle, but those fellas are pretty expensive for the amount I can get.

The reason I'm posting this is that I'd like some advice. I'd like to know of any helpful information you all have concerning 40k daemons. Tips, generally accepted unit types, and so on, if that is okay.