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Fun Times

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ITT: Times when the RPG u were playing went exceedingly well/ was really fun.
I was DMing a 40k game the other day, and the PCs broke into the office of an echlisiarchy official who was corrupted by genestealers and had betrayed the PCs. Room is large enough to hold the 4 SMs and the official easily enough. There is a small alcove off to the side with a statue of the emperor, and a large stained-glass window behind the officials desk over looking the hive city.

I had placed an auto-turret in the corner of the room to provide some challenge, and it beats everyone out on the init checks and i give a silent woot. Roll for first shot, point-blank almost. 100. Weapon Jam. I lol and let it go. Assault marine proceeds to boost into official out the window, catch him, then spend a fate point to boost back up to the window. players interrogate, then assault marine (secretly corrupted by khorne) guts the official all over the statue of the emperor. Que second lol cause no one notices that this is obviously a desecration of the emperors image.

All in all, lots of laughs.