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Image exchange thread

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A lot of /tg/oers collect sizable amounts of art, fantastic or otherwise, somtimes for short visual aids and cues for our games.

None of us are as strong as all of us, however.

Here you can request anything, and I hope that anyone who has the requested stuff, will share.

I, for one, would request several images. I will dump the entirety of my monster folder for this (or anything you request in turn if I have it), either here or on mediafire (as you would wish), for:

1. A big, bestial monster. Preferably boar looking and with blackened veins.

2. A mutated, almost-unrecognizable-as dragon black dragon.

3. A blind humanoid, that is as alien as you can manage.

4. Any Ramiel-style fractal or simple geometric shapes monster.

5. A feral quadruped, similar to 1 but with a predatory bent.

6. Any alien birdlike creature