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Throughout time, legends are told of holy warriors who fought against demons and injustice, of their triumph against ancient evils and their unparalleled glory. But for every name sung by the bards, there is always one equally reviled, whispered about in corners of taverns and feared by all. For every Paladin, there is the risk of a fall, the faltering of their moral code that brings those who cannot resist temptation into a dark realm where few return.

But we're getting ahead of ourselves, aren't we? After all, you've hardly even begun your life as one of these holy warriors. Only recently did you take your oath, having joined the Order from...

[A]From childhood, raised by the Order to take up your duty as a Knight of the Order. You carry out your duty without question... or perhaps, you resent your lot in life.

A grief stricken traveler, having had everything torn from you in a cruel manner. Only time will tell if you fight to protect others, or to take revenge for your losses.

[C]A noble house, joining the Order to live up to your family's name... or maybe, to associate your family's name with the Order.

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