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Void Quest 5

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So very much to do, you hardly know where to start. With Tynes accepting (and thanking you for) the excuse of not wanting him dead should you fail to hack the base doors and Ivanova returning to her cabin, you are faced with a a conflux of needs.

The entire crew is exhausted. Working nearly non-stop for the past month has drained them to a level that has, to be honest, severely impacted their efficiency. Morale is low for any number of reasons, not the least of which is the knowledge that everyone they ever knew is likely dead and dust for thousands of years. Your officers, you know, have been attempting to keep up morale in these past few weeks; though as they have been working just as hard, if not harder, than the enlisted and suffer from the same malaise of time-displacement the effects are hardly amazing. It is difficult to inspire when you are also lost and despondent.

You consider mandatory weapons training as well, reasoning that with such a small crew complement and each one so valuable that all of them should shake the rust off of their skill with small arms. Though you know all of them, except perhaps Chief Dai and Dr. Burr, have standard military arms training it couldn’t hurt to have some refresher sessions. Still, with the repair work being conducted round-the-clock and taking every free minute it would be nigh impossible to fit it in.