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So, my friend built her character poorly.

She went to the greatest extremes our DM would permit, and basically created a character that can't hit anything except on a roll of a nat 20 (her attack bonus is actually in the negatives). But, whatever gets hit usually is dead beyond dead, which is amazing considering that she can't get a crit (since she can never get the confirmation roll).

Though there are much stronger builds, she says she likes the feel of carrying around a iron column with a handle nailed onto it, and that even though she's useless 95% of the time, she's still killed more bosses than anyone else.

It's more like having a random death effect in our party rather than an actual person, and every battle against a solo creature is just a waiting game until she manages to finish it off in one hit.

Basically, I'm frustrated because the rest of the group has to take care of all the little creatures, and then she steals all the glory.

I just don't feel appreciated.