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Lothar, whom you thought was the mightiest man alive, who you have seen withstand wounds enough to kill a dozen men, now lies motionless in a pool of his own blood, his eyes fixed open in shock. McNealy, the sneakiest bastard this side of the black woods, who up until now has craftily avoided every danger and obstacle is pinned against the wall with a spike, slumped over, arms still gripping the iron rod in a futile attempt to remove himself. Randall, whose faith seemed always to break through at the right moment to save everyone, now lies in two pieces on opposite sides of the room. Now Ba'Beg turns to you, and starts slowly walking forward, weapon outstretched, a shiteating smile crossing his face.

You are the group wizard, you are down to 1 hp, and have one spell left


Are you a bad enough dude to pull through and defeat the bbeg, or are you left with only Frendle's Snare Defilement as the last spell to leave your lips?