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IRONHEARTS War Room: Theatre Summary

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September 24th , 565th Year of Terra.

The airfields of Albane were clear of scorch marks and bodies. And the Voss soldiers were even given graves in the fields not so far off. This was it, I thought.

This is when things were ought to change. From all the corners of the front all the irregular forces had gathered along with the main armies Some would even say that even Unit Zero would show. Vanders' Rolling thunders, the Stilemar Advance, and even Class 56 have gathered at the staging area where our dear Commander was to make an appearance at the dusted Hangar. Everyone left not a speck of black.

The meeting was set for day, but even this didn't stop our more irregular units. Who managed to gather at the darker corners of the hanger.

" Greetings again everyone. Today, we will talk about the Voss "