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Could someone explain the Tau to me?

I've recently taken an interest in 40k because of how often you guys talk about it, and a friend of mine who plays the tabletop game was explaining the races to me today. I picked up on the basics of it. The Humans praise the emprah and purge xenos and heretics, the Eldar are backstabbing space elf pricks, the Orks are basically the Orcs from Warhammer Fantasy Battles but in space, the Necrons are robot skeletons that want to destroy everything, etc...

But something just felt a bit off about how he described the Tau. A peaceful, diplomatic race that wants to create a utopia society and only fight because other races attack them? At least that's what it sounded like. It almost made them seem like the "good guy" race, which just felt out of place considering what else I've heard about the setting while browsing here. In the grim darkness of the future, isn't there only war?

I was just hoping you guys could maybe clear this one up for me. Thanks in advance.