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Yesterday I was thinking about Mary Sues, and I suddenly remembered this series of stories I read when I was still big into meta-fiction.

The basic premise was that Mary Sues were like fiction parasites; they came into a fictional world and warped it around them by their existence and bad writing. Characters acted out of character, the sue had powers or was a race that did not exist in the setting, bad grammar and descriptions would distort the landscape, and at worse they could tear holes in the story by doing things they should not be able to. The main characters were agents of an organization dedicated to finding the Sues and disposing of them without reveling themselves to the natural occupants of the world. Now, if the agents ever tried to fight a Sue head on it would be a complete curb-stomp, so they had to kill them quickly and stealthily, in a way that is probable for the world (arrow to the head on Middle Earth, being shot in a more modern setting, I think once they fed a Sue to Discworld elves) while at the same time not harming the canon characters that would be inevitably worshiping them.

Thinking back on it the agents were annoying fan-girls and arguably bigger sues than the ones they were hunting, but I think this would make for an interesting game setting. Fearless agents diving into corrupt, twisted fiction and slaying the reality warping goddess at the center of it all, all while hiding your presence from the canon characters. I guess I was wondering what /tg/ thinks of the idea.