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>The exact nature of the Terminus Decree is unknown as it's very existance in known to only a single soul in all the galaxy, yet rumors abound as to it's ultimate purpose.

>Some believe that it will sommun forth some ancient and terrible force to battle and defeat the enemies of mankind. Others think it will purge the warp of the Chaos Gods and their minions, and bring about a new age for mankind, free of their deamonic influence.

>Still others beleive that once read aloud by the Supreme Grand Master, it will perform its rite and bring to a halt the ancient and arcane machinations of the Golden Throne, ceasing their living-giving support of the Emperor's long dead body and freeing his soul to be reborn anew. (This is the most "likely" theory as it is said that the golden seal which rests upon the box containing the decree is but one of a matched pair, its partner found only in one place: On the Emperor's Golden Throne).