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So, I was playing a Deathwatch game.

After a while my character, a Librarian, received information that Alpha Legion had put an Infiltrator in my squad.

I was told to investigate, and 'take appropriate actions'.

After I murdered my entire squad without even bothering to investigate, I went back to the watch fortress. I conferred with several other members needed for my plan: a Techmarine, another Librarian, a Chaplain, and an Apothecary (Who, by the way, are the characters the rest of the group re-rolled). I told them that i had killed my Squad, because Alpha Legion. I then explained that if Alpha Legion was infiltrating at the squad level, then the rest of the watch fortress was clearly compromised to a massive extent. We could not even be sure we were not corrupted.

So we put forth the plan.

The Apothecary poisoned all of the other Space Marines through medical checks, with venom potent enough to render them unconscious if not kill them outright.

The Techpriest rigged the stations void-shields and reactor to a dataslate.

The Chaplain talked people into joining our faction quietly, myself and the other librarian eliminating anyone who acted like they might even think about not joining us.

Within three days, everyone not compliant was dead.

We then used captured Xenos tech to damage the fortress as though it was attacked, and sent recall orders to the handful of teams not present. Once they and their Inquisitor handlers arrived, they found the station seemingly ruined. As soon as they got half way in, we turned on the void shields, shot down their ships, and overloaded the reactor.

There were no survivors.

My question to you /tg/ is this: did I over-react just a little bit with the potential Alpha Legion threat? Cause my GM's really pissed, but I really can't see how I could have resolved that with less than a full purge.