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My fellow felines! The time to strike the Imperium and take what is ours is neigh!

Humanity is on the brink of collapse and now is the perfect time for us to strike! No longer shall we have to endure our bland cat food! No longer shall we be scolded for shedding! No longer shall we be humilated online with funny cat pictures with stupid comments!

No more to any of this my comrades! If we strike now, the Imperium and the galaxy shall be ours!

None can stop the power of the felines if we act now! Not even the gods of chaos can comprehend our strength!

To war with Humanity! To war with the Eldar! To war with the Orks! Let us not stop until the rivers run red with our eneimes blood and the fields covered with the bodies of their children!

My fellow felines, our time to take ours is now!