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The Evolution Game.

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Alright, /tg/, let's have some fun. I would like to play a game. Here we will build a setting from the ground up. I will pretty much be the DM introducing new monsters, disasters, and events to you all. Also ruling on any argument. Your job as the player is to take the pictures of the creatures in the next 3 posts (including this one) and have them evolve due to their environment.

The way you go about this is by opening MS paint and altering one of the pictures (please save and a .png). This is completely free form, but try not to get too crazy with it. Try to only add one feature at a time. You must then decide whether the new creature's predecessor is extinct or if the new creature is simply a branch in evolution.

For example, The pic related is an Allos. If I added eyes I could claim that the old allos is extinct and the one with eyes lives on. Or I could claim that both exist.

Pic related is one of your creatures, an allos. It is a mollusk and has a single flagellum to move itself around and 2 tendrils for manipulating. It is slow and small. It also emits bio-luminescence. The next post will include another creature and the local habitat.