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ITT in-game bullshit stories

Yesterday we had game night and a small x-mas present exchange. At some point during the game the PCs tried a golden wine that was incredibly strong, and they all passed out. When they woke up, my DM described how my cleric woke to find herself devoid of clothes but covered with a blanket, laying next to the still sleeping fighter, a Madmartigan style character who hits on my cleric all the time.

The problem is that I play my PC as a nun of sorts, and hence her maidenhood and celibacy were very important for her, because she was devoted to her deity like a RL nun would.

And when I asked the DM why in fucks sake he did that, he said the fighter player requested it as his x-mas present. So I had my cleric slap him in tears and run away, but I am still incredibly unhappy.

Have you ever been so upset you considered quitting the game?