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Warhammer 40k: Heretical Love Part XI

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Alright, a few changes since the last thread...

Rather than needing to link all the prior threads, an awesome anon has done one hell of a job constructing a 1d4chan page with all the prior threads linked toward the bottom:


I've started a twitter if people want to know tentatively when the next thread will be at. Its HereticalLoveQ

The landraider makes for quite a bumpy ride as it rumbles along the rocky terrain. Though admittedly this is not what’s on your mind.

You are, after all, sitting inside with almost a dozen of some of the most deadly zealots in the universe.

And they are pampering you.

When the sisters find out that you’ve been pretty hungry for a while, they bust out a plethora of food. The table fare ranges from local stuff they’ve picked up, smoked fish and whatnot, to some of their own rations.

You are a bit annoyed at how much better their rations are then what the guard supplied you. While you were chewing on protein pucks they were indulging in preserved fruit and vegetables. Not that you are going to voice your complaints.

After about half an hour of riding, and stuffing your face perhaps more than you ever have, the tank finally sighs to a stop.

The sister’s have claimed some administratum building as their base, or so you surmise. The area outside of the place is littered in papers and various office supplies. Whoever left here, they did so in a rush.

Inside the building is heavily fortified, two automated heavy bolter turrets guarding the front door alone, and several bored looking soritas cleaning their weapons.

Everything seems to be going, as much as it surprises you, fairly smooth.

This only puts you on edge, life on Yagis V has not been easy on you, and you don’t trust that to change.