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An excerpt from "Spirit Sanctuary," a freeform forum RP. This is the character of the "GM" of the roleplay.

Name - Yuviel Silverstone (yuvielシルバーストン) (Mistress Silverstrone or Headmaster To those who are following the rules of the bound zone).

Nickname - Yuv-Chan (This only applies to those who are Proven Immortal and have no real need for the school).

Age - Been in the Human realm for 20 years, looks to be of 12 years.20のため12が表示さ周りされて

Gender - Female 女性

Race - Wolf-Girl (Neko Spirit) オオカミの精神

Appearance - Wolf girl of 12 years. Usually nude in the staff room, otherwise wears a standard 2nd year schoolgirl outfit.
4' 2" Brown hair (White tips to Humans, instead of Neko hair Also her eyes are Blue to Humans)

Personality - Playful, forgetful, loyal. Easily angered.

Bio - Although she runs the school, the normal members of Staff as well as all None-spirit and most Spirit do not know She is the owner and the person who runs the school. Because of this, the secondary head runs the show for those linked to the Human world. She'll spend most of her time 'playing' Schoolgirl in class, Making sure the most dangerous Spirits don't mess things up For the innocents within her bound location.