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Let's talk grenades /tg/
I'm playing in a Black Crusade game as a Human Renegade and I took a Grenade Launcher as my starting weapon. I have a stash of Frag grenades but now I want to branch out to add to my repertoire of mayhem. However, i can't decide on what type of grenades to get.

I can choose between these (from BC Core and RT Hostile Acquisitions):
Blight (2d10E, Pen X, Toxic (2), Blast (6), Ignores armor unless environmentally sealed, noxious fumes remains for 1d10 Rounds. Anyone entering the blast area takes 1d10 Energy damage with the Toxic Quality that ignores armor unless environmentally sealed)

Krak (2d10+4X, Pen 6 Concussive (0))

Hallucinogen: (—, Pen 0, Hallucinogenic (2), Blast (6))

Haywire (—, Pen 0, Haywire (3))

Photon Flash (—, Pen 0, Blast (10), Ordinary (+10) Agility Test or be blinded for a number of rounds equal to their Degrees of Failure)

Scare (Anyone within 10 metres must succeed on a Difficult (–10) Toughness Test or be overcome with feelings of terror, as if they had failed a Fear test, with each Degree of Failure adding +10 to the roll on Table 10–4: The Shock Table on page 294 of the Rogue Trader Core Rulebook.)

Smoke (—, Pen 0, Smoke)

Stun (—, Pen 0, Blast (3), Concussive (2))

Web (—, Pen 0, Snare (2))

I might also be able to get to choose Anti-Plant or Plasma 'nades if i ask the Gm very very nicely... though they are Very Rare and he said only up to Rare in availability.

>captcha: gear Unsublim
>yeah captcha i know that 'nades aren't the most sublime of weapons