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Minotaurs Army List

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So /tg/ against my better judgement I've decided to start a 2,000 point Minotaurs Space Marine list. I'm going for a mix of fluffy and fun, mostly friendly games, don't really care about tourneys that much. Tell me what you think:

Lord Asterion Moloch-245
Master of the Forge w/Conversion Beamer-120
Tac Squad (missile launcher/combi melta sarge)-100
Tac Squad (missle launcher/combi melta sarge)-100
Rhino (Dedicated Transport, Stormbolter)-45
Rhino( Dedicated Transport, Stormbolter)-45
Dreadnought (Multimelta, Missile Launcher)-115
Dreadnought (multimelta, Missile Launcher)-115
Thunderfire Cannon-100
Thunderfire Cannon-100
Assault Squad (powerfist sarge)-125
Assault Terminators-200
Land Raider Crusader-250
Land Raider Achilles-325

Game plan is to use the Thunderfires to harass infantry, vehicles, rush Rhinos up, pop smoke, deploy gunline. Use the Achilles as mobile cover/BADASSERY, ram the Crusader into their line and assault with Termies (Hammers and Claws), Assault Squad follows Crusader using it as cover and jump over it to back up Terminators. Dreads pop vehicles/infantry. This is my first Army List attempt...how bad did I do?