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Hey /tg/ I need some of you Elegen/tg/entlemen to look over my troop list and see how it looks. And tell if it needs changes. By the way it is Space Marine standard codex. It should be about 1000 points.

HQ: “Captain Horveskr” Space Marine Captain with Bike upgrade and chain sword
“Iron Halo” 4+ invulnerable save Space Marine Bike +1 Toughness Move 12” 135 pts
(Makes bike units count as troops)

Elites: “Terminator Squad Delphi “ Squad of 4 Terminators w/ 4 bolters + 1 cyclone launcher
1 terminator sergeant w/ power sword 270 pts

Troops: “Scout Bike Squad Theta” 4 Scout bikes w/4 shotgun
Scout Biker Sergeant W/ shotgun 140 pts

Troops: “Scout Squad Sigma” Scout Squad 4 scouts w/2 combat blades
Scout Sergeant w/ combat blade and power sword 128 pts

Troops: “Bike Squad Kappa” Space Marine Bike Squad of 5 units w/ 1 melta guns
Bike Sergeant w/ 1 power fist 265 pts

Troops: “Bike Squad Epsilon” Space Marine Bike Squad of 5 units w/ 2 melta guns
Bike Sergeant w/ 1 bolt pistol
Attack Bike w/ multi melta 325 pts

Notes : And they shall no know fear, combat tactics, independent character, rites of battle, mantle of suzerain