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Imperial Guard shopping list

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Yo /tg/,
Me and a friend we're starting IG and saved money for big only shopping, so it's cheaper.

What are your recommendations?
My friend already has:
>a command squad
>20 troops+Equipment

What he plans to buy:
>2 Russ'
>1 Basilisk

We want to have a big army together but also be able to play against each other.

My thoughts:
>1 army box (20 soldiers, 3 weapon squads, 1 sentinel) = 80€
>1 Hellhound (which I'd also use as a chimera) = 35€
>1 Chimera (for the chimera-exclusive weapon bits) = 25€
>1 Russ = 35€
>Total: 175€

OR I could disregard the Army box, as I'm not a big fan of sentinels and buy them all seperately:

>10 soldiers = 20€
>Command squad = 20€
>Chimera = 25€
>Hellhound = 35€
>2 Russ' = 70€
>Total: 175
I trade the Sentinel and the weapon squad for an additional Russ. Good idea?

In addition, I could save a lot of money by buying the snap-fit boxes, where 5 Soldiers cost only 6.60€ as opposed to 20€ for 10 models.
The drawback is that I get no bits at all.
I have a ton of bits from my old army (CSM) though, an I wondered if I could use them.
Are IG meltas, flamers and plasmas different bits than the CSM ones?

I also thought about adding Artillery and maybe a Valkyrie, though that one is expensive and I'm not sure if I need it.

Post your ideas, please try to stay beyond 200€ (250 max.)

I plan to buy from http://www.fantasy-warehouse.de (I'm German) where everything is ridiculously cheaper than on GW.
You can see the price lists there.

Thanks in advance.
>inb4 no replies because tl;dr