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Alright guys... Something happened in our last game...

>Pathfinder Game
>Raid a Lich's cyclop's lair.
>Find big magic jar.
>Break it.
>He is unconscious.
>Take him back to city.
>Days past, suddenly:
>Eight very confused azlantis, none of them are the boy.
>Talk a bit with them... Realize that they are all illusions except one.

>Find out story: The boy we found was actually the eldest son of Xin. As a powerful mage, they used him as a weapon to try and defeat the cyclops when his father was king. However, cyclops got lucky and sealed him in a soul jar. Boy has gone crazy after 10,000 years and developed split personality disorder, each one representing an aspect of himself and a particular school of magic. All the personalities are completely unaware they are actually figments that were made up with the exception of the personality that represents knowledge/divination magic. He fills us in on the above and asks us not to inform the other personalities who believe they are real.

Umm... What the hell should we do with this guy? If people find out he is a pure blood Azlanti, we could have several problems...