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I think I accidently traitor.

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I switched from Imperial Guard to a Chaos Space Marine army, at a friend's urging.

I flipped around, and did a few things to decide what chaos god. I reached into my rune bag, and pulled out a rune to decide which God to follow- I pulled Teiwaz.
Teiwaz, of course, being the rune of the warrior :l. So I went for Khorne.

And then I went and played a game against Tyranids.
And raped them.
In close combat.

I... I didn't realize Khorne was so goddamn good in assault. And, /tg/, I think I'm going to be going traitor legion real soon :<

I just wanted to share, because, well. All I had was a big mob of 'zerkers, a mounted Khorne lord, and some Raptors. And Empra-damned, I wiped the board of Tyranids.