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Chapter master stories

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>generate random chapter
>fleet based, fly around doing random events
>met some battle brothers from holy chapter of blood angels
>they request help on nearby planet to stop a rebelion
>in his grand name, we accept
>start purging stuff, turns out they are chaos fallowers
>my leader faces cultist leader, my leader wins but gets damaged badly by psyker abilities of that cultist
>moths later my leader gains new perk: "Hears voices"
>end up in a fight between tau and IG
>kill tau, message comes that local IG commander is heretic
>since my leader was with commander, killed him in few seconds, guardsmen rage
>"Stand down you weaklings, can you not see the emperors mercy we gave to this heretic?"
>they dont listen
>order men to gun down some guardsmen
>it makes them more angry, full conflict emerges
>kill guardsmen, their navy tho destroyed my battle barge and made me trapped on this world
>more IG coming, all die
>finaly capture an imperial ship
>fly with it to local hiveworld, purge it and billions of people on it just as a "fuck you" to imperials
>"you amuse us mortal"
>become possesed, marines turn to chaos
>space wolves come, only in planetfall they kill half of my men
>rest is finished quickly in melee
>my leader starts killing shit including own bodyguards
>leader goes batshit crazy
>"for murdering billions khorne decided to make you his demon prince"
>accept offer
>die shortly after becoming demon prince
>ressurect on some feral world
>locals see me as their god
>colect new army of cultists
>the cycle continues