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Alright /tg/, I think it's about time I share some with the board, namely my pic folders. The way it works is this: tell me which folder you are most intradasted in and I zip it and upload it to mediafire and share the link with you guys.
The folders are generally a bunch of unorganized, grabastic pieces of amphibian shit, so the "Characters, Female" folder for instance, contains pics of a wide mix of genres, like Sci-Fi, modern, fantasy and whatever else you can think of.
If you got any questions about a particular folder, just ask.
Most drawfag folders have less than 10 pics in them, while some got a LOT (like greenmarines with >700 pics).
I constatly save new pics in my folders, so the numbers are often not entierly accurate.
Some folders, as you have noticed, are crossed over for various reasons.

tl;dr: chose folder, I zip, upload and share it.