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Ironhearts: Year 1

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" For here we see the cerulean sky
that the Valkyries have rode for aeons high

Over the Earth, ashen and red
Do their steel gaze meet with the dead

High they fly these swans so white
Disappearing with these braves into the night

Listen now , child, it is the warrior's hymn
the soldier's lone hope, for fighintg in the din

Let Heroes die
Let Valkyries fly
Let Cowards fry
Against the sky

Cerulean sky. "

The Feather festival was a celebrated event, amongst all in the Valknyres, in the hearts of all who remained in this world were the names of those who have come and gone, in the fires of battle, in the bootheels of war.

Vilkas von voss tied off the last feather to the left foot of a swan and let it fly off to wherever the names sprited towards.

> Enter the name of a Soldier lost and gone to be remembered in the fights to come. Time is not an issue, the mark of the dead should be remembered always by the victor, the survivor, and the killer.