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This thread is reserved for fluff archeologists and intelligent 40k conspiracy theorists. Post whatever is unclear to you in the fluff and let us try to find answers together or at least offer plausible theories as to what/why could have happened. Polite summerfags and newfags are welcome, but Mr. Sperg is not invited.

To start off - Astronomicon, stellar beacon of Mankind. My problem with it is twofold. First - if it is so essential to warp travel for navigation, how did humans during DAoT navigated? They created Navigators, this means that there was a need for navigation and their ships weren't able to do it because of magical archeotech. But there was no beacon for them to use for navigation. However I can make up some excuse for that, like an artificial proto-Astronomicon. Second part of the problem is the period between the beginning of the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy. During that period crusaders covered vast distances even though there was no Astronomicon and DAoT equivalent was already destroyed(if it ever existed, that is). Some might argue, that Emprah was visible in the warp already, I would agree with that, however he couldn't have served like a beacon because he was constantly moving around the galaxy. So, what are your thoughts on this?

Also, I have heard a small reference to a conspiracy theory that Emperor has died during HH and it's Horus sitting in his place. Could someone elaborate on this?