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Which is your favorite Traitor Legion and why, /tg/?

For me, it mostly depends on what hour of the day it is. My favorites, though, are the Emperor's Children and the Iron Warriors.

The Emperor's Children, mostly because of the noise marines, which are goddamn awesome. I also like their attitude of coolly, casually mocking the Imperium, rather than being rage-a-holics who can't stop screaming "DEATHTOTHEFALSEEMPERORDEATHTOTHEFALSEEMPERORDEATHTOTHEFALSEEMPERORDEATHTOTHEFALSEEMPERORDEATHT

The Iron Warriors, because of my love of shooty armies, and their legion's attitude. Once again, they aren't a balls out rage-a-holic legion. They're more like that guy who has a terrible, soul-crushing cubicle job with shitty pay, shitty hours, irritating co-workers and asshole bosses. And then, one day, he snaps and goes on a rampage. It's a cold, focused hatred, not an explosive rage.

The Night Lords and World Eaters are okay too, but I wouldn't call them favorites.

And no, I haven't read any of the novels on them. I don't even know if they're any good.