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Why do you like him so much /tg?
Why do you call him the only competent chaos lord in the DoW series?

The man hasn't done anything successfully in his three appearances.
He first appeared in Dark Crusade leading the Word Bearers on Kronus. There he got defeated by Davian Thule so badly that his body was destroyed by daemons.
Later he returned as member of the Black Legion, apparently he got kicked out of the Word Bearers after Kronus, with Araghast the Pillager. There he proved to be an even bigger idiot by betraying Araghast, a competent chaos lord, and this led to a Black Legion defeat in Aurelia. Unlike the first time where he faced hundreds of Blood Raven this time he got defeated by four Blood Raven squads.
He somehow managed to make a return in Retribution where he got promptly defeated by Diomedes and two other Marines.

The only redeeming factor about Eliphas is that he sounds menacing but even then Araghast sounded far more menacing and evil.

Why do you think he is a competent chaos lord?