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Mankind has recently been inducted into a galaxy spanning league of civilized species.
As is customary for newly added members, at least one representative must be present on each major space station to promote knowledge and goodwill, and to see how well said species integrates into the galactic culture.

You have been assigned to one of the most distant stations from earth for a five year tour, and due to a clerical error you are the only human assigned to that station for the full five years. These aren't Star Trek aliens, or Mass Effect aliens, they are truly different from anything on earth- you can only interact face to face with about 48% of the station's population without an environmental suit. There are universal translators, and most of the environments are roughly built to your scale, maybe a tad bigger.

How do you cope being an island of humanity for half a decade? Do you try to represent the best sides of humanity? Do you try to learn about your new neighbors? And perhaps most importantly- can you find a good dating service?

As the only human on the station, what are your stories?