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What's your favorite weapon in Warhammer 40k, stylistically and/or tactically? In whatever terms that you're familiar with it - from the tabletop game, the paper & pen RPGs, one of the video games, etc.

For me it's the flamer, both stylistically and tactically. Not only is it cool as hell (I mean come on, it shoots out a giant stream of FIRE), but it has great applications in battle.

You don't really have to aim with the thing, since it shoots a huge gout of fire. This is especially useful on the move, where accuracy really suffers. It covers a large area, ignores cover, and it's good at breaking the enemy's morale.

If you can get the guy holding the flamer in range of the enemy, and they don't have heavy armor, they're pretty much done for.

As for as I know, it's also not that pricey (or rare, in the RPGs) across the various iterations of Warhammer 40k - not in the tabletop game, the RPGs, or the video games (or at least, not in the Dawn of War series).

I'm actually a bit skeptical that such a devastating weapon, that can totally shut down huge swathes of light infantry, should be considered a low/mid level weapon.