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Its happened /tg/. I have finally gotten a group together to play a Warhammer 40k campaign. I have written out special rules for over two years, carefully crafted stories for every win, loss and draw. I have had setbacks, i have had people walk into and out of this project for those two horrible years. Ive had writers block, friendships crumble and nagging wife that would stop me to run her pathfinder and DnD games for her hipster friends.

I have fallen to my knees in exhaustion, doing a night job and taking care of my children. I have thrown out countless cords of paper, shed many tears and sweated over perceived deadlines that I placed upon myself.

Two years /tg/, Two years, a new edition, countless setbacks and trials, gains and losses of players both good and bad.

do you ask /tg/...Do you ask for my work?

TL:DR Campaign general the people who build them.