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You see this badass motherfucker on the left of this text? That's Leman Russ, the fucking Primarch of the Space Wolves.

This guy is the Chuck Norris of space marines. He is a goddamn giant space viking who fights hundreds of soldiers by himself.

He was literally raised by wolves. Fucking huge ass wolves the size of cars. His wolf brothers were Courage wolf and Insanity wolf.

He is made of pure mansauce. He eats raw meat. He breathes fire and shits lightning. He beat God in a drinking competition. HE CAN KILL YOU WITH HIS BARE HANDS.

His Space Wolves are one of the only loyalist chapters that doesn't have to obey the Codex Astartes. Why? Because Guilliman knew that if he forced his rules on Russ, he would rip off Papa Smurf's head and skullfuck him.

So allow me to ask you this...why the FUCK do some people consider pussies like Sanguinus cooler than this guy?