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Survey Says!

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I have decided to run a Star Wars KOTOR setting RPG for two people. In deciding on this game I examined the Dread game and unfortunately Jenga isn't tenable over Skype.

However the Dread system of surveying your players is fantastic. I am enjoying toying with survey questions to help PCs who aren't great at developing characters make them. I even think such questions are useful in taking veterans out of their comfort zones, or making them examine their roleplaying traits.

I think most questions you can ask a player are workable in any genre. Let's brainstorm questions, shall we?

Why did you cheat just to win?
How did you survive the cave in?
Who did you leave behind?
When did you know you were capable of killing?
How did the dark side tempt you?
What broke you, what fixed you?
When you were given to the order who fought to keep you?