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>wake up one morning with the worst headache ever

>"Welcome, Forerunner. You have been in stasis for nearly four centuries. By your archaic calendar, the year is 2405. We have cleared your genetic profile of most degenerative properties and susceptibility to disease but have stopped short of granting you biological immortality, as we understand the people of your era valued their state of entropy. If our records are correct, those of your generation were also exceedingly violent and highly sexually aggressive, but as you can see, we are of a more enlightened age and have not restrained you. A word of caution however: despite my lithe and delicate appearance, I am prepared to protect myself if necessary. The compact configuration of my systema musculare affords me nearly six times your physical strength and I am well-versed in defensive martial combat as is required of all First Contact agents. Now, before we proceed any further, have you any queries or statements?"

What say you, human of old?