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We know the Necrons are conquering the Webway and are moving their massive fleets through the pathways of the Webway.

The discovery and invasion of Commorragh by the Necron legions is inevitable. Just imagine an Armada of Necron Tomb Ships crashing into the skies of the Dark City, Monoliths descending from above summoning forth legions after legions of deathless unfeeling Warriors, C'tan Shards obliterating the black spires of the City with just a flex of their immense power, and scarabs swarming forth into every corner of the city hunting the living and devouring them.

The battle will be a sight to be seen. Finally a foe that is immune to the treachery of the Dark Eldar and who inspires fear in their rotten hearts. No longer safe, the Necrons will bring WAR to Commorragh.