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Can someone explain to me the appeal of interspecies attraction?

Especially with things like insectoids or avians or sentient liquid or plasma, etc. - things that really shouldn't be attractive from a mammalian evolutionary perspective.

I mean imagine if your coworker was some kind of sentient plant. You two get along real well, hang out after work and talk until one day she tells you she really likes you and was hoping you'd be her pollinator. You think you know where this is going but then she tells you she isn't ready to have sproutlings or whatever yet so you find out that all she really wants is for you to just start petting her flower petals with a paint brush. You go along with it, only to start seeing her limbs rustle while she emits strange noises that you find really off-putting and a bit frightening.

This eventually ends and she tells you that you were awesome, after which you trudge along back home to cry yourself to sleep.

Now does that sound like fun?