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Magical Girl Noir Quest

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You...you don't remember who you are.

You are a Magical Girl. That much you're sure of. That much you're aware of.

But you don't remember anything. You can't remember anything.

Nothing, other than the half-muddled memory of a girl with pink hair and black eyes ripping your heart out of your chest.

Oddly enough, you find it comforting. Sure, it's a bit macabre and all, but at least your brain isn't the empty, bottomless void that it currently feels like now.

And it makes you feel just a bit less lonely in your hospital room. At least, you think it looks like a hospital room - the walls are painted a bright, clean white, and the smell of antiseptic is in the air.

You're not sure if a hospital room should have really loud sirens blaring. Or flashing red alarm lights.

Or a series of rapidly-spooling gatling guns hanging from the ceiling, each one leveled at you. Probably moments, seconds from reducing you to hamburger.

You'd move out of the way, but you're manacled down to the bed. There's no slack whatsoever. Whoever calibrated them, you note, knew what they were doing.

What do you do?

[]Examine yourself and your surroundings. Maybe you'll see something to jog your memory. You've probably got amnesia, which sounds like some sort of cheap plot device in some third-rate soap opera.
[]Scream for help.
[]Wait for something else to happen. Try to see if you can remember anything else.