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Astartes Mafius thread

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Rarely seen fighting in open battle, the Astartes Mafius deviate from the Codex, preferring to deep-strike two or three Marines along with a higher-ranking officer to the enemies' HQ, to present them with 'an offer they cannot refuse'. Details of such offers are sketchy, but common knowledge is that enemy leaders that refuse are more often than not never seen again.

Other Astartes chapters, prefer not to deal with them unless absolutely necessary. They have been under suspicion for Tzeentch worship before, but these rumours were quickly dismissed after several of the Mafius visited high-ranking members of the Inquisition. Two died in 'unfortunate accidents', the others changed their minds unusually quickly, citing 'they're not such bad people when you get to know them', and sporting very fashionable fur coats.

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