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Imperial Navy Quest

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>Okay, so this is something of an experiment. It’s a short, self-contained quest that should be completed in 5-6 threads.

>Ship stats: http://pastebin.com/xmWLwnbJ

The ship shudders as it breaks the barrier between realspace and the insanity of the warp, and the high-pitched shrieking of the transition alarm fades away. Around you, the background murmur picks up again as the bridge crew begins to collate the readings of the auger arrays and internal sensors and the rumble of the plasma drive replaces the ghostly silence of the warp engine. Heavy clangs echo as the armored shutters withdraw, revealing a starscape dominated by clouds of ice dust and a distant, pale blue star.

You are [Roll 1d100 for name, will take highest of the first 3], 4th lieutenant of Battlefleet Victorum and the senior officer of the scout frigate “Starflare.” Eight years of service in the Imperial Navy have seen you serve on everything from garbage scows and scuttled hulks to attack carriers and grand cruisers, in positions ranging from gunnery officer to sensorium agent to Navigator’s aide, providing you with a broad breadth of experience in the activities and necessities of an Imperial warship. Only 26 years of age, you would normally be a simple bridge officer. However, the senior officers were slain at the hands of the Ethereal Tear corsair band six months ago during the battle for the “Pilgrim of Terra,” forcing you and other junior officers to take command. The fact that you led the final counterattack which recovered the “Pilgrim” prompted Battlefleet to promote you to the minimum rank necessary to captain a ship.