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The Fifth Annual Scriptarius Xmas Thread

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-in which I bake a gingerbread Baneblade.

Happy holidays everyone.
I'm sorry I haven't really been here that much this past year.
Nor do I have a new santa mini to post.

But I have some dough thawing on the table, and was hoping to at least bake a little for you, like in past years.
maybe finally do that Baneblade we've talked about since 2009.

I won't go into personal details as I'm sure nobody gives two shits, but this is probably the last time I'll be doing this.
I have a job now, and I'm looking into quitting warhams entirely as soon as I get my collection sold off.
Maybe I'll still make a display piece here or there. Maybe finish the Primarchs. But really, I doubt there will be more armies for me.

I'm not saying this is it, old friends, because I think 'it' was more than six months ago.
But hey, let's have one more thread together. For old times' sake.

I'll start posting photos of the tank as soon as I get the dough into workable shape.