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Sup /tg/, you may remember me from last night (or might not since I'm not in the business of namefagging). I was going to go to my FLGS today to pick up an ironclad dreadnought kit and see if I wanted to start playing 40K.

Well, I sat in on a game and a half before I had to leave and it looks pretty fun. I won't be buying any models (not even the ironclad) until I've played, but I'm seriously craving some artistic expression and painting minis seems like a great, though extremely expensive route.

It looks like the local scene is pretty varied, but they really look down on tyranids and don't have any eldar or dark eldar players as far as I can tell. There's a guy who has Salamanders and Tau armies, a guy who has been playing the same Necron army since they were first released, a really awesome painter who does Nurgle Guardsmen among other things and a brony who apparently uses a zebra pony thing as a countsas HQ for his Sisters army. I know there are a couple other marines players. They all seem pretty cool. I mostly stood around and watched, I didn't know what to ask etc and felt weird asking for a tutorial game (they were pretty busy).