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I just got this book, /tg/. It's an RPG meant for running animesque settings, much like a rules-heavy BESM. Really crunchy. It was originally made by a team of Spanish and Japanese gamers; the Spanish edition was translated to French and then English.

First impressions:

-Uses d100, three different checks.

-99% of the art is fantastic. I mean "I want to print this out as a poster" fantastic.

- The amount of options you get at character creation is ridiculous. It's point-buy (but you can guide chargen using archetypes), so you can make pretty much anything. The power level is adjustable - you start at a relatively normal fantasy power level but can make a campaign that lets you advance until you're godlike.

- It has a built-in setting which didn't really catch my eye, but you can ignore it if you want.

-The layout seems really good at first; everything is compartmentalized by eye-catching divisions, tables, etc.

- On the flip side, the editing is TERRIBLE. It really doesn't matter how pretty and easy to understand each table and characteristic is if they're not arranged in order.

I'm talking things like the ability lists not being in alphabetical order, so you start with "Ambidexterity" and then it jumps to the totally unrelated "The Gift of Magic" in one paragraph. It makes reading the book a massive chore.


And that's it. I actually haven't finished reading it yet, but I'm thinking of GMing a game with it and trying it out. . Has anybody else played with this before? Any comments, warnings?