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Fate/Stay Again

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“Who was his Master during the last war?” Rin asks.

“Your Father summoned him. When he was killed I took him since I had lost my assassin by that point.”

“Who beat him?” I ask, trying to discern a tactic.

“The Berserker got close a couple of times, but ultimately it was Saber.” He responds easily.

“.... Saber was my Father's. You made it to the end then?”

“Indeed.” He says, turning to me. “Saber fought Gilgamesh, and your father attacked me. The reasoning was that without one or the other acting as a support, the second would fall quickly. Of course, I thought much the same.”

“And you lost?”

“Saber delivered a fatal blow, and your Father put a round in my chest.” He taps a spot. “He must have just missed the heart or I would have died. I missed what happened next, but with Gilgamesh critically wounded and me apparently bleeding to death he told Saber to destroy the Grail.”

“Why?” Ilya asks, shocked.

“Something about the prize not being what he wanted.” He looks at our disappointed expressions. “Sorry that I don't have more detail, but I was being crushed by burning rubble while bleeding to death at the time.”

“Alright, what about Avenger? Any special knowledge there?” I continue.

“No. Apparently the Einzbern summoned a Class by that name instead of a Berserker in the third war, but that's all I know.”

“How would a Servant even survive that long?” Rin asks, shocked. “I mean, don't they need the Grail to exist?”